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What is Omnichannel Commerce?

Omnichannel is a multichannel approach to sales that seeks to provide the customer with a seamless shopping experience whether the customer is shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone or in a bricks and mortar store.

It enables the company to sell the same inventory at multiple locations. Companies use it to increase customer experience. It allows the customer to own their data and experience, then give them the ability to use it to guide creation and context of every future experience.

How does my traditional system compare to blueKart?

Traditional systems sell on different platforms to engage and connect with customers. Most businesses have a website, blog, Facebook and twitter. However, this approach does not involve the integration of online, mobile and in-store services or management systems, nor does it offer a consistent and seamless shopping experience to customers.

An omni-channel approach, on the other hand, accounts for each platform and device a customer will use to interact with the company. That knowledge is then used to deliver an integrated experience. Companies using this technique align their messaging, goals, objectives, and design across each channel and device.

What is Omnichannel Commerce

I don’t have an online presence.

You are a retailer with a brick-and-mortar store.

Your main challenge: Your reach is limited to those who
can visit your physical store and your operations are

I sell on multiple channels that aren’t integrated

You are a retailer with a brick-and-mortar store that also sells online in some capacity.

Your main challenge: You waste time managing two separate systems, risking errors and missing opportunities to connect with customers and make more sales. You want closer collaboration between the online and in-store marketing teams

I have a poorly integrated POS and eCommerce Solution

You are a retailer with brick-and-mortar and online stores that aren't automatically synced.

Your main challenge: Your business is vulnerable to human error, your tasks are duplicated and you lack a single view of customer, inventory and sales data. You want closer collaboration between their online and in-store marketing teams

Bluekart Cloud Platform

Bluekart is the new Omni Channel Retail Platform from blueEX that lets you seamlessly manage your present day retail challenges. Bluekart provides a one window solution for all your brick and mortar retail store and your direct selling channels.

  • Product Manager
  • Inventory Managment
  • Customer Services
  • Extensive Reporting
  • API Access
  • Order Managment
  • Shipment Managment
  • Import & Exports Tools
  • Customizable Designs
  • Seo Friendly

Simple, fair pricing for small & large bussiness

What our users are Saying

  • Using Bluekart really helps me manage my online store efficiently,
    which allows me to actually focus on taking care of my customers

    Zunaira Khalid, Fiore Forma
  • Bluekart allows Unilever to maintain a single product catalog across multiple online stores.
    This allows us to keep E-Retailers updated about our price and packaging changes.

    Nauman Lakhani, Unilever
  • Bluekart lets me display my online catalog to my customer
    base and process domestic and international orders

    Insia Sohail, Insam Couture
  • With Bluekart we can maintain a single inventory
    and sell it on multiple channels.

    Yasir Mirza, Hina Mirza
  • Bluekart gives us a cloud based POS system that gives
    us a real time view of inventory and sales

    Idrees Adam , MJafferjees

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